Surrey Telecare Launch Website

Welcome to the new website design to the SurreyTelecare Website.  The clean designed website has case studies to demonstrate how Telecare equipment has helped to keep people independent in their own homes.

The website highlights the Surrey County Council supported Hospital Discharge scheme called CATS, which provides a free Community Alarm for 12 weeks following discharge home.  To date more than 7,300 have taken advantage of the scheme, so please take a look at the dedicated pages for further information and terms.

There is a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to help you get the answers you need quickly and a section detailing the different types of Telecare equipment that is available.  The News section will highlight any new technology, events, training or press releases from the Community Alarm and Telecare teams across Surrey.

All these services are provided through your local Borough or District Council and the contact details for all of them can be found under the Contact menu.

Further Improving Telecare Training and Provision

As part of their Telecare Strategy, Surrey County Council has trained four Telecare Expert Practitioners across the county – a Practice Lead within Personal Care and Support from each area. They have all received bespoke Telecare training.

These four Practice Leads will be responsible for delivering local training sessions to the teams within their areas, and working with practitioners to improve Telecare uptake. They have each been provided with a Telecare demonstrator kit, which will be available to share with staff and people who may need Telecare.

A Telecare demonstrator site facility at Cobham Community Centre is now available to all practitioners as a means of extending their own Telecare awareness and knowledge, and will also be available to members of the public who wish to explore Telecare options.

This training forms part of the wider picture of Telecare training that will be rolled out across the county.

12,600 Community Alarms Across Surrey

Telecare is the name given to the range of sensors which link with the traditional community or lifeline alarms. These are designed to assist people of all ages to live more independently by monitoring their safety around the home and alerting a 24 hour care centre should a potential emergency occur.

Each borough and district community alarm team supports people in their local areas with around 12,600 community alarms being used across Surrey and almost 600 telecare installations.

‘Could Telecare Help You?’

Press Release from Elmbridge Borough Council, September 2011

‘Telecare’ is the name given to a range of equipment linked to the traditional community alarm unit.  In Elmbridge around 1,300 vulnerable residents have community alarms to help them live independently at home.  Currently about 15% of these people are supported with telecare equipment, so we would like to reach many more with this enhanced service.  This could mean a pill dispenser, falls, flood or smoke detectors, fitted easily in residents homes.

This can be demonstrated through the case of 74-year-old resident who came home from a two-month stay in hospital with telecare support in the form of a pill dispenser and bed sensor. This equipment helped her manage her medication and also provided a way of raising an alarm in the event of her falling at night. This had a positive effect on her confidence and well-being, and she began to regain some of her lost independence.

‘If you would like to find out more about this service for yourself or a relative please contact 01372 474560.’