Hospital Discharge

Hospital Discharge

This countywide scheme was set up in 2006, to assist residents over the age of 18 following discharge from hospital. The District and Borough Council service providers, will give a telecare alarm with pendant free for a minimum of 6 weeks following discharge, to help people to maintain their independence once they have returned home. There will be no installation fees or rental due for this period, even if you decide not to keep the alarm at the end of the free period. If you do keep it, there will be no back dated charges, and you will just start paying the local Council’s weekly rental fees from the end of the free period.

Surrey Residents who have been victims of a distraction burglary can also be offered an alarm under this scheme.

Since it’s start more than 18000 people have used the service. On average approaching 7 out of 10 people keep the alarm after the free period; because of the peace of mind it gives them and their family. There are also a growing number who, having initially declined to keep the service, have since realised that their needs are such that it would be wise to have it installed again.

For most people, especially those living on their own, the period following their discharge from hospital sees them at their most vulnerable. This free scheme helps to address some of the causes of that vulnerability and has been highly valued across the county by residents, medical staff and social care teams alike.


To be eligible people need to be over 18 and a Surrey resident, the hospital doesn’t have to be within the county borders.

We are sorry, but we cannot offer the scheme to:

  • Those being discharged to housing with its own alarm system, such as Residential Care or some (but not all) Sheltered Housing
  • Those who have a current telecare service
  • Those that have previously benefited from the scheme are also excluded from doing so again
  • Those that have cancelled a Telecare Service in the preceding 6 months from one of the provider Councils

How to Apply

The hospital staff or social care team may discuss having an alarm with patients and their family or carers before they are discharged. If this is the case they will then make the referral to the local service provider, so that there is as little delay as possible following discharge.

Alternatively, the referral may be made soon after discharge by locally based rehabilitation or care teams, who have made contact once the patient has returned home.

There is also no reason why people shouldn’t refer themselves or get their family, friends or carers to do it for them. All that is needed is for contact to be made with the local District or Borough Council service provider and they will help with the setting up of the service. To get in touch with them click on the Contact Us section of this website and follow the links to the relevant Council, to get all the details you will need, there is a facility to send a message to them from there as well.