Does it cost anything?

Each Borough & District service provider have their own monthly hire cost prices. Please contact your local Borough and District to find out more.

Is a telephone line required to use telecare equipment?

Yes, a telephone line is required to enable the system to connect to the monitoring centre. The alarm unit will not work if the telephone line is disconnected or is faulty. You must report it to your telephone provider and explain that you have a Telecare system attached. There are services from some telephone providers which offer engineer call outs within a short timescale for those with community alarms or telecare. We recommend we that you talk to your supplier about setting this up, but be aware that some may make a charge for the service.

How is the equipment installed?

All the Borough and District teams have their own technicians and no electrical work will be required at installation. On a few occasions we may have to ask for an electrical socket to be supplied if there isn’t one close enough to the main telephone socket, but this is rare and we can usually get round the problem by using extension leads in most cases. Some of the teams can provide alarm units that run on battery power rather than mains electricity, and this is another solution.

What is the CAT project?

The CAT project provides a Community Alarm free of charge for 12 weeks to anyone who has been discharged from hospital and who is a Surrey resident.

Can I use the Community Alarm pendant in the garden?

Yes you can, but the distance into the garden varies dependent on what interference there is, such as walls and electrical equipment that can get in the way.   It is best to try this out with the member of staff installing your telecare equipment.

If you take a fall in the garden and press the pendant, but can’t make yourself heard from where you fall, the monitoring centre will still be aware that you need help and will take appropriate action to ensure that this is provided as quickly as possible.

How will you get into my house if I fall?

For this type of event where we would call the emergency services, the most efficient way is to have a key safe fitted somewhere outside on your property. However we realise that for various reasons not everyone will have a key safe and for that reason we do ask that you have local family, friends or neighbours who are willing to hold a key for you to allow access in an emergency.

If I move can I take the alarm with me?

If you are moving within your own Borough or District then your local teams will help you transfer the equipment over to your new home.  If you are moving outside of the Borough, District or County then your local team will help to transfer you over to another telecare team.

What happens if my equipment breaks?

Please call your local Telecare or Community Alarm team directly; all have a 24 hour emergency contact number that will be given to you for out of office hours calls.

What happens if there is a power failure?

Most of the Telecare equipment is designed to work on batteries in case of a power failure.   The main alarm will run on back-up batteries for at least 24 hours and these will be recharged once the power supply is restored

Whilst the alarm is running on batteries, it will regularly contact the monitoring centre to ensure they are aware, and once the battery level gets too low then it will send a call out so that a replacement can be organised.

Is the Telecare bulky and intrusive?

No, the equipment we use is unobtrusive and doesn’t require any modification to your home. Most of the sensors are wireless, so there are no unsightly wires trailing around the home.

Will Telecare infringe on my privacy?

Telecare monitors provide reassurance that you will quickly get help if you need it. Most clients and carers decide that the benefits of Telecare outweigh any fears about being ‘watched’. The service is neither listening nor watching you whilst you go about your daily life at home. The service is only activated if a sensor is triggered and sends an alert to the monitoring centre.

Can I see Telecare in action?

You will be able to visit our new Telecare Demonstrator suite at Cobham Centre for the Community once it is open in Spring 2011, additionally Tandridge District Council have a similar facility they will be happy to let you view.