Links to Emergency Services

The added bonus is that it links to the police and emergency services as well.  Anon

by Anon

Gives Me Confidence

Having a positive cheerful voice at the other end has made me feel more confident.  Anon

by Anon

Gives Me Peace of Mind

Telecare has offered me peace of mind.  Anon


by Anon

Wish More People Knew About Telecare

Telecare is great. I feel sorry for people who don’t know about it.

by Anon

I Get An Instant Reply With Each Call

I know I will get an instant reply and each call is taken with great care.  They keep me informed of any development, like when an ambulance has been called.

by Anon

Thank You – I Was So Relieved…

May I thank the kind person who got the paramedics to call when I fell late at night.  I was quite helpless and couldn’t get to the phone.  I was relieved to see the 2 paramedics come cheerfully in.  So thank you very, very much.  Mrs Morgan, Elmbridge

by Mrs Morgan, Elmbridge.