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The Community Alarm

Surrey’s Borough and District Councils provide the Community Alarm and Telecare services. The basic community alarm system gives you the ability to call for help at the touch of a button, and can provide many people who feelvulnerable with reassurance, a feeling of security and freedom from the worry of being isolated in a crisis. These systems are helping many more people to live in the community, perhaps on their own, with greater confidence.

How does the community alarm work?

Once you activate the alarm that is installed in your home, the care centre will ask you what the problem is and will then take appropriate action to assist you. This could be to contact either an appointed keyholder or the emergency services. The care centre holds key information about you such as; address, medical conditions, allergies, next of kin and keyholder contact details, GP’s name and contact details and information on care services that you use.

A keyholder can be a relative, neighbour or friend who lives nearby and can get to your property quickly if they are called. Normally two keyholders are asked for, however if you can only provide one, then Borough and District Councils offer a Key Safe service that places a safe discreetly outside your property with a keypad and number code to enable access if you cannot get to the door yourself.  In some circumstances it may be possible to have the community alarm service with just a Key Safe, although this is something not encouraged as it leaves only the emergency services as responders to calls, which is not ideal if their attendance is not warranted.

What community equipment and sensors are available for your home?

All the devices listed below link to the community alarm system, and raise an alarm in the 24-hour care centres.

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Bed or chair occupancy sensor
Door contact alarms
Flood detector
Gas Detector
Passive infrared detector (PIR)
Bogus caller alarm
Pendant alarm
Falls detector
Pill dispenser
Smoke alarms
Temperature extremes alarm
Carer alert system
Remote controlled mains switch
Enuresis alert