12 Week Free Trial Offer Ends

The offer of a free trial period to new community alarms customers taking a telecare sensor with their alarm is to be withdrawn with effect from 1st October 2014. The offer, which was meant to be short term in nature to encourage take up of these sensors, has helped introduce many new people to the benefits of a telecare system.

The partnership feels now is the right time to withdraw the offer to everyone and focus on those people who are leaving hospital for who, if they are not already a customer, the free 12 week trial will remain, even if they don’t have any additional telecare sensors with their alarm. This offer is only available through one of the Surrey Telecare partners.

Telecare sensors will also remain free to all Surrey residents who would benefit from them, as long as they take and pay for their community alarm service through one of the partner councils. This offer will continue to be reviewed in the future and no guarantees can be provided that it will remain as a free to all service.

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