New Telecare Free Trial Offer

Telecare Sticker for 12 Week Free TrialSurrey Telecare is offering a fantastic opportunity for residents of Surrey to trial telecare services free of cost, in order to shape and personalise the service to individual needs and support living at home. For eligible residents, the telecare offer involves a free 12 week trial for the community alarm and sensors. For residents who are already a community alarm customer from a participating District and Borough Council, telecare sensors can be added at no extra cost, if they will be of benefit to the individual.

To support those who may be at increased risk of fire, Surrey Telecare, Adult Social Care and Surrey Fire and Rescue are working together to provide people with a free smoked detector linked to the twenty-four hour monitoring service.

What sensors are included in the offer?

There are a range of telecare sensors that may be offered free of charge under this new offer, which link to the community alarm system, and raise an alarm in the 24-hour care centre. These include:

  • Bed or chair occupancy sensor
  • Door contact alarms
  • Enuresis alert
  • Flood detector
  • Gas detector
  • Passive infrared detector (PIR)
  • Bogus caller alarm
  • Falls detector
  • Pill dispenser
  • Smoke alarms
  • Temperature extremes alarm
  • Carer alert system
  • Remote controlled mains switch

 To find out more

Please call 0800 195 6035 or text 07976 843825 for more details of the telecare 12-week free trial, and use of free sensors.


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