‘Could Telecare Help You?’

Press Release from Elmbridge Borough Council, September 2011

‘Telecare’ is the name given to a range of equipment linked to the traditional community alarm unit.  In Elmbridge around 1,300 vulnerable residents have community alarms to help them live independently at home.  Currently about 15% of these people are supported with telecare equipment, so we would like to reach many more with this enhanced service.  This could mean a pill dispenser, falls, flood or smoke detectors, fitted easily in residents homes.

This can be demonstrated through the case of 74-year-old resident who came home from a two-month stay in hospital with telecare support in the form of a pill dispenser and bed sensor. This equipment helped her manage her medication and also provided a way of raising an alarm in the event of her falling at night. This had a positive effect on her confidence and well-being, and she began to regain some of her lost independence.

‘If you would like to find out more about this service for yourself or a relative please contact 01372 474560.’

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